Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning Step By Step Guide

Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning

You’ll often find coffee-making machines being labeled as simply “coffee maker” or “coffee machine”, but with Ninja, they have a “coffee bar”. Why is that? Well, as the name suggests, the machine is no less than your very own little coffee bar. Since most machines brew a single type of coffee, the Ninja coffee bar can brew almost anything. Sounds similar to an actual coffee bar, right? But today we are not here to discuss the brewing methods of the Ninja coffee bar. Instead, we will be attending to a more important matter regarding Ninja’s very own coffee bar, the cleaning part mean to say a road map for Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning. You might be wondering that since the coffee bar is huge and brews almost anything then it would need some heavy-duty maintenance too, right? Wrong! We’ll tell you why.

Why and When You Should Clean Ninja Coffee Bar

Cleaning Ninja coffee bar is necessary to make it function properly and let it brew coffee of exactly your type. Now we all know how remains of coffee can build up for a while and they need cleaning every now and then, but with Ninja coffee bar, it’s different. The best part about the cleaning process is that the coffee bar tells you when it needs to be cleaned. You don’t have to check or keep track of your cleaning schedule with Ninja’s coffee bar. The machine will automatically give you a light to indicate it requires cleaning.

However, we must clear at first that there are two types of cleaning procedures for coffee machines. The one that is needed almost every day after use. This includes the cleaning of the removable external parts after use. The second procedure is the deep clean one that is needed after every time your Ninja coffee bar alerts you. In this one, the machine’s internal body is given a full clean to clear any blockages within the pipes and storage inside.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning

In this guide, we will be showing you a mix of both procedures. This means we’ll be guiding you on how you can get your Ninja coffee bar cleaned from the inside out. So, without further ado, let us carry on!

Things you’ll Need:

  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Cotton Cloth
  • Step 1:

Firstly, you’ll be giving your Ninja coffee bar an external clean. So, grab that cotton cloth and put a bit of soapy water on it. Rub it across the machine’s outer surface.

  • Step 2:

For the milk frothing wand, get a cup full of warm soapy water. Turn on the frothing wand and use it on the soapy water for at least half a minute. You can also take off the frothing wand and wash it in the sink

  • Step 3:

After you’re done, wipe the wand clean with the cotton cloth. Now we’ll begin the deep cleaning process.

  • Step 4:

Open your Ninja coffee bar’s water reservoir and pour vinegar into it. You can make the cleaning solution half-vinegar and half-water to fully fill the reservoir.

  • Step 5:

Now place the empty carafe below the filter top. Press the full carafe setting button.

  • Step 6:

Then push the clean button. The coffee bar will automatically set a timer and start cleaning its internal body with vinegar

  • Step 7:

This process will take around an hour. The clean light will turn off automatically to indicate when the procedure is over.

  • Step 8:

Once the cycle ends, dispose of the used vinegar and wash your water reservoir thoroughly as well as the carafe.

  • Step 9:

Now your coffee bar needs a rinsing cycle. Fill the reservoir with clean water and place the carafe back. Press the full carafe brew setting once again and let the cycle start.

  • Step 10:

After the cycle ends, dispose of any remains of the rinsing water and your Ninja coffee bar is all prepared to brew you a nice delicious cup of coffee!

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker without Vinegar

In case you don’t have vinegar available or prefer anything else, we suggest you go for a descaling solution. Just make sure it is not that strong for coffee machines nor too light. Coffee machines require a mild cleaning solution to be cleaned with. There is also no problem if you want to get creative and try some homemade cleaning solutions. As far as descaling is concerned, your coffee machine can get a bit faulty due to minerals and coffee building up in the tubes and filters. Descaling solution picks them off and makes way for coffee to flow through freely. Since vinegar is the most preferred pick and the best cleaning solution for coffee machines, we went ahead and cleaned our Ninja coffee bar with it.

What to Do If the Cleaning Light Still Does Not Turn Off?

A frequently asked question that comes from Ninja coffee bar owners is that the cleaning light does not turn off even after they deep clean it. Well, this usually occurs when there are still minerals and deposits left inside the machine. Your best bet at handling this issue is to repeat the deep clean process 2-3 times to fully clean the machine from the inside. We know this might sound troublesome but all you have to do is pour vinegar and press the clean button. Ninja coffee bar users should be thankful that they’re lucky enough to have a coffee machine that cleans its internal body by itself!

Final Verdict

Your Ninja coffee bar would run perfectly if you look out for the cleaning light regularly. Moreover, you’ll find the coffee bar’s performance to be certainly upgraded after every deep cleaning session. This procedure also helps deal with malfunctions. So, before you type how to reset Ninja coffee bar on Google, try giving your machine a deep clean. We hope this guide helps you coffee enthusiasts maintain your coffee bar properly.

For further information, you can also check out some of the best YouTube tutorials on  Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning.

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