Best Coffee Beans for Pour Over: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Coffee Bean, Their Types and Uses

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Pure Shade Grown Coffee With No Additives
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best coffee beans for pour over

Lifeboost Coffee

best coffee beans for pour over

  • Single-Origin Non-GMO Low Acid Coffee
  • High-Elevation & Shade Grown
  • 3rd Party Tested for Mycotoxin & Pesticides
  • Certified by NFC – 2020

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Item Form:  Whole Bean
Flavor:  Medium Roast
Caffeine Content:   Caffeinated 89-95MG
Roast Level:  Caffeinated 89-95MG 

Features and Benefits

There is a rising demand for quality coffee worldwide and there are many farmers who produce it. However, there is a huge shortage of good quality coffee beans and customers are confused about choosing the right coffee when there are such many brands available in the market

Lifeboost Coffee uses an innovative technology to enhance the taste of coffee. By using a special blend of roasted beans, Lifeboost gives you the best taste and aroma in every cup.

The company has developed a unique packaging design that makes it easier for customers to find their favorite coffee with ease.

Lifeboost Coffee is a coffee chain that offers organic whole beans and non-GMO coffee. Their mission is to bring you delicious products that are ethically sourced from sustainable farmers who care about the environment and their communities.

It is a natural coffee that has been grown in the mountains of Central America. The coffee beans are grown in shade-grown forests with the help of natural and organic farming techniques, which have been proven to be very effective in improving the quality of coffee beans.

The benefits of coffee include its ability to provide energy, boost mood, prevent headaches and promote mental clarity. This is why the company LifeBoost Coffee created a low acid, antioxidant, rich organic coffee bean to reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

Since coffee is a daily necessity for most of us, almost every person would like to have a cup of it. But there are some people who are sensitive to the taste of acidic coffee. If you are one of them, then you should try out Low Acidic (pH level: 6 or higher) LifeBoost coffee.

The LifeBoost uses sustainable practices that minimizes the use of chemicals, fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. They have created a reputation for their products as well as their ethical practices.

The coffee is certified organic by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and has been subjected to rigorous testing for heavy metals, pesticides and 400 other toxins.

Ethiopian Coffee, Sidamo By Volcanica

best coffee beans for pour over

  • Honey, Jasmine, and Stone Fruit Flavor Notes
  • Offering Organically Grown
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

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Brand:   Volcanica Coffee
Item Form:   Whole Bean
Flavor:   Ethiopia Sidamo
Caffeine Content:    Caffeinated
Diet Type:   Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan

Features and Benefits

For coffee lovers and enthusiasts, Ethiopian coffee is a dream come true. The coffee beans are grown in regions that produce rainforests, which means a lot of biodiversity and natural flora. In addition to this, it is a very sustainable product because they don’t need to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

A specialty coffee roaster “Volcanica” is committed to offering only the finest quality from volcanic regions around the world.

It has an almost unparalleled passion for its work and have over 18 years’ experience in the specialty roasting industry.

Their expertise and commitment to quality ensures that each batch is carefully sourced and is richly flavored with notes of Lemon, cane sugar, medium body, delicate fruits, spice, citrus and richly chocolaty.

Volcanica coffee roaster sources high quality beans and crafts each batch with care to ensure a fresh, delicious cup of coffee.

Each batch is roasted and blended using traditional methods, in small batches to ensure the highest quality to meet the customer satisfaction.

They use 100% Arabica Coffee beans from Ethiopia, which is the largest source of certified organic Arabica. The product is ground and roasted to produce spectacular gourmet coffee at a value price, providing a unique and exclusive experience for consumers.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Smart Ass

best coffee beans for pour over

  • Sweet Syrup, Vanilla Bean, Stone Fruit Aroma
  • Organic Certified
  • Committed to Community

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Brand:    Kicking Horse Coffee
Item Form:   Whole Bean
Flavor:    Smart Ass – Medium Roast
Caffeine Content:    Caffeinated
Diet Type:   Kosher

Features and Benefits

The pour over is a popular brewing method for coffee. However, it is extremely difficult to grind the perfect beans for pour over. Smart Ass is here – by the world’s best Kicking Horse Coffee. It takes pride in providing the best coffee grinders and quality roasting machines for the pour over brewing.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Smart Ass is passionate about the future. It helps us to wake up in the morning and energize ourselves, it keeps us awake and alert all day long, and we use it as a way to unwind after a hard day’s work.

The flavor note is a very important part of the coffee. It is not just a flavor, but also a mood and feeling. Smart Ass is a unique brand that combines the taste of fresh berries with the flavor of chocolate and honey.

In the last few decades, coffee has become a popular and highly consumed beverage. In fact, it’s now the most consumed beverage in America and Europe.

For this reason, it is not surprising that Kicking Horse Coffee Roasters are one of the most ethical companies out there in the organic coffee business.

Kicking Horse Coffee is built on the strength of its ethical principles. They source all of their coffee from small farms in in the mountains of Africa, Central & South America, where farmers use natural and organic farming techniques, which have been proven to be very effective in improving the quality of coffee beans to meet with the customers satisfactions.

The Bullet Proof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee

best coffee beans for pour over

  • Certified Clean Coffee
  • Dark Cocoa and Vanilla Aromatics
  • Direct Partnership with Farms

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Brand:    Bulletproof
Item Form:   Whole Bean
Flavor:   Cocoa
Caffeine Content:    Caffeinated
Diet Type:   Gluten Free

Features and Benefits

The Caffeinated coffee with distinct notes of cinnamon, plum, and orange with a cocoa hazelnut finish that delivers smooth, full-bodied and consistent taste throughout the entire cup.

The Mentalist Coffee roasters specialize in bean picking, grinding and blending to produce a wide range of coffee products for over four decades.

The Mentalist Coffee Roasters uses eco-friendly, sustainable washing and drying technique.

The bulletproof coffee is an expertly-picked blend of organic Arabica beans which ensures that you get the highest quality, flavor and aroma from every sip.

The bulletproof coffee is a Certified Clean and Tested product, which keeps your cup of coffee clean without any additives and impurities.

The coffee is sourced from well-managed and sustainable farms producing 100% Fair Trade Certified coffee

It has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance by employing best practices based on the principles of sustainable agriculture, indigenous knowledge and forest conservation.

Stumptown Coffee, Founder’s Blend

best coffee beans for pour over

  • Vanilla & Cocoa Powder
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Climate Pledge Friendly

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Brand:   Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Item Form:   Whole Bean
Flavor:  Founder’s Blend
Caffeine Content:    Caffeinated
Roast Level:   Light_Roast

Features and Benefits

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a leading roaster in the United States and have always been known to produce premium coffee at a reasonable price. Its success can be attributed to its innovative approach to coffee roasting.

It is a small but ambitious startup that has been working on its organic and fair-trade coffee for the past few years.

The need for organic, whole bean coffee and its flavor notes are constantly changing. With this in mind, Stumptown Roasters was created as a way to help people learn more about why they should buy organic whole bean coffee.

It is a perfect blend for your coffee from Central American region and has been specially selected for its exotic and delightful flavors.

It has 100% Arabica beans with tasting notes of vanilla and cocoa powder that delivers smooth, full-bodied taste remaining consistent throughout the entire cup.

Stumptown Coffee takes pride in its roasting process, and has developed a name for itself by consistently producing light to dark roasts and single origin coffees to bold blends

Stumptown has streamlined the process of how coffee is shipped around the world. Their new innovations in packaging are saving customers money, time and energy. Its bags keep coffee fresh for 90 days if left unopened.

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